Photo 19 Apr 1 note
Photo 15 Apr Spring snow.

Spring snow.

Photo 13 Apr Best leftovers ever.

Best leftovers ever.

Text 13 Apr Another road bike expedition

And I managed to avoid adding to my injuries! Hurrah.

Text 7 Apr It’s a tough life

Poor Dan was obviously more affected by my crashes yesterday than he realised. I woke up at 2am because I heard noises outside; having done a check around the house, I returned to bed where the following conversation took place:

Dan: Are you ok?

Me: Yes.

Dan: Do you feel in control of your bike?

Me: <long pause> Yes?

Dan: <snoring>

He doesn’t even remember the conversation this morning.

Text 6 Apr 1 note A Sunday timeline (times approximate)

0100 - Dan’s phone rings. He heads out.
0200 - Dan is back. I drink some water because I’m coughing and it’s keeping him awake.
0410 - Dan’s phone rings. He heads out. I try and sleep.
0500 - I hear the garage door shut, Dan is back.
0600 - has someone switched on the lights? I need thicker curtains in the bedroom.
0820 - Dan’s phone rings. “Tell them it’s past 8, you’re not on call anymore.” He starts talking, I head to the bathroom.
0840 - I’m back in bed, Dan offers me a cup of tea. I’d be a fool to say no so I say yes.
0915 - weather has been checked, “Maybe we should cycle this morning” I say, it’s supposed to get windy later.
0945 - we have a discussion about going commando under bib shorts. I land up resorting to google to find the answer. I find a cute polka dotted jersey. I’m distracted.
1000 - we start pumping up the tires on the bikes. We regret buying a mini pump.
1020 - we’re ready to take the bikes outside. Time to oil the chain.
1030 - we practice clipping in and out. This doesn’t seem that hard.
1035 - I am left on the driveway trying to figure out how to clip both feet in and get moving.
1040 - I find myself lying in the gutter wondering what the hell just happened.
1045 - I manage to clip in and follow Dan who is quite exasperated at my anxiousness.
1055 - we are back home because my seat is seriously misaligned; maybe from when I fell in the gutter?
1110 - I realise that the Boat Race is already underway. I start watching.
1111 - I wish I hadn’t bothered.
1130 - skyping Dan’s family. Much hilarity about me falling off the bike.
1230 - head out to Elk Island for bike ride #2.
1320 - wonder which staging area to use.
1330 - bikes reassembled, quick releases checked, we’re ready to go.
1334 - there is a cattle grid. I clip out on the right but fall to the left.
1336 - off we go.
1345 - hey, this isn’t so bad.
1346 - that gust of wind nearly knocked me off my bike; I don’t fall but am wholly freaked out.
1347 - we stop.
1349 - I’m done, I say, please go get the car. Suck it up princess is the response. We start heading back.
1355 - oh look, my nemesis, the cattle grid. I nearly go splat in some bison poo.
1410 - loading bikes into the car.
1500 - groceries purchased. “Oh, it’s the doctor” seems to be the refrain of the day.
1600 - bikes are clean. Pictures of my injuries are captured for posterity.
1715 - time to sit down while Dan cooks dinner. I menu plan for the week. It’s a busy week ahead.
1900 - dinner. Earlier we’d had one of those rare moments where we both independently decided we wanted the same thing for dinner.
2000 - time for a game of ticket to ride.
2030 - I lose. 98-100. It’s close.
2100 - dessert time! I realise that outlining the day takes longer than I thought it would.
2110 - bedtime? We have a 6am date at the pool.

Video 6 Apr 3 notes

The hazards of being a newbie road cyclist… You only look cool until the first time you have to unclip.

Photo 1 Apr Changing up an old favourite.

Changing up an old favourite.

Text 1 Apr March recap: running and books

Nothing to see here people, move right along.

One book, seven miles (on the treadmill, enough said). Of course, if we were keeping track of skiing statistics I’d be posting some huge numbers.

I read The Great Gatsby; it was free on the iBooks store months ago and I downloaded it and never got past the first page. Stuck with restricted internet access in our Whistler condo (note to people with vacation rentals - telling me to pay for my wifi on top of all the other charges you’ve stuffed on me is just plain cheap) and dire warnings from Telus about how much data I was using made me sufficiently desperate to revisit The Great American Novel. 

It’s a pretty short book, I finished it in an afternoon and it made for an entertaining enough read. I think it’d be quite good for a lazy afternoon basking in the sun.

Text 31 Mar An old favourite

Tonight for an easy and quick dinner: olive oil, garlic (lots of it), prawns, fresh rosemary, butter beans (or cannellini beans if that’s all you can get), dried chilli flakes, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice to finish.

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