Video 1 Sep 1 note

Dan and I had a great time at the ITU Grand Final in Edmonton yesterday. We had tickets for the grandstand and the atmosphere was incredible - at one point I even caught Dan doing a little shoulder shimmy to the music!

Now if only they’d maintain Hawrelak Park lake as a swim venue for local triathletes…

Photo 30 Aug I’m pretty much set for the next few hours…

I’m pretty much set for the next few hours…

Text 29 Aug Mary Poppins as a spy?

For someone like me, who invariably associates Julie Andrews with films such as Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, discovering her snuggled up in bed with Paul Newman in Hitchcock’s The Torn Curtain was something of a surprise. I remain ambivalent about the Hitchcock films I’ve seen (Rear Window being the exception) and I’m continuing to refuse to watch The Birds and Psycho much to Dan’s disappointment.

Text 28 Aug Counting laps - the animal edition

I swam my first pool mile the other night; this is quite the accomplishment for me and I achieved it with the help of the alphabet, trying to think of an animal starting with each letter. I couldn’t think of animals for the letters n, x, y and z. Any suggestions?

Text 27 Aug Lacking in patience

To the guy in front of me in the “12 items or less” line: I wonder if the same gene that compels you to make poor food choices also renders you unable to count.

Text 24 Aug Edmonton Half Marathon 2:19:36

My training for this race has been pretty dreadful - my last properly long run was 10 miles on June 16 and since July 8, when I hurt my ankle, I’ve run a grand total of 15.77 training miles. I kept active of course, with cycling and swimming making up the bulk of my training which is why my muscular endurance and not my aerobic endurance was the limiter today. I don’t have all my splits because I charged up my garmin and then left it on all night leading it to give me a low battery warning at the start and then die on me at 11.45 miles. The splits went something like this:

9:48, 10:08, 9:47, 9:50, 9:47, 9:45, 10:11, 10:29, 10:34, 11:14, 10:37, 11:21 (0.45 mile).

I could feel myself slow down after the turnaround and once the watch died I pretty much just ran two blocks/walked one block because the impact from running was starting to hurt - until then I was on course for 2:15. Given that a couple of weeks ago I started mentally preparing myself for a 2:30ish finish, I’m happy with this time. I still have another flat and fast half marathon on Thanksgiving weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to get some decent training in for that.

Dan also ran the race and because he doesn’t mention stuff like this on his blog, I’ll toot his horn a little here: he set a new personal record for the distance, coming in under 1:45!

Text 22 Aug Counting laps

I find it really hard to keep track of how many laps I’ve done in the pool. I can usually get to about 15 or 16 without an issue but if it isn’t my main focus (which it usually isn’t), I usually lose count. It usually goes something like “Breathe, high catch, strong core, glide to the wall, 18; wait! Or is it 20? 18, it must be 18. Or 20. Aaaaargh.”

The other day, Dan mentioned that using the alphabet (a letter for every there and back) worked well for him and I gave that a go today. It was going swimmingly until my first “I” lap when all of a sudden someone else’s legs appeared right in front of my face* and I nearly swam headfirst into someone who decided to bob about in my lane**. Keeping count didn’t survive the shock of the encounter!

* Good head position has my eyes down towards the bottom of the pool

** I was the only person doing laps and the rest of the pool was pretty empty - why she felt she should loiter in my lane while waiting for her kid to jump into the pool two lanes away was completely beyond me.

Text 14 Aug training to eat/eating to train

I’m gradually coming to the conclusion that now that my training is more complicated than just running I need to be a lot more organised about it. More specifically, I need to be a lot more organised about the nutrition aspect of it and I think know this means that eating breakfast at 11am and considering a pear and some slices of cheese at 3pm “lunch” is not going to cut the mustard. We’re pretty good as far as dinners are concerned - they’re planned for the week - but taking that planning to lunch has been my downfall*.

I need to find the perfect intersection of the following:

- interesting meals

- that don’t take ages to make or can be prepped in advance and frozen/refrigerated

- that are generally composed of whole grains/vegetables/lean meats or fish

- that both of us will eat

- that don’t suck the joy out of cooking dinner.

If I can build up a lunch repertoire by the beginning of November I’ll consider it a success.

* Even Lunch at the Shop hasn’t given me that boost that I so desperately need but it is a very nice book to have if you’re a fan of collecting cookbooks like I am.

Text 12 Aug Just a thought…

… if you need a pool noodle AND a kick board to help you keep your head above water in the shallow end while you chat with your friend, then “adult lane swim” is probably not the best time of day to be hogging 2.5 lanes of the pool.

Photo 10 Aug Continuing my day of ridiculously good eating.

Continuing my day of ridiculously good eating.

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