Photo 23 Apr Oh yum.

Oh yum.

Photo 23 Apr Awaiting assembly.

Awaiting assembly.

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Maslow’s Modern Hierarchy of Needs [x]



Maslow’s Modern Hierarchy of Needs [x]


Text 23 Apr Whirlwind trip

Dan and I had a whirlwind trip to New York over the Easter weekend. We arrived on Friday afternoon, spent some quality time with my mother before she left on her own trip and then harassed Rebecca and Bailey until Sunday evening.

We ate lots of good food (and I mean lots), got to see some old friends (and a new one), spotted Penn Badgely out and about, dragged Dan to his first class at SoulCycle (“It’s like a rave, with exercise”) and when we came back to Canada, we landed as permanent residents.

Becoming permanent residents means a whole new bunch of paperwork to sort out: new SINs, updating Alberta Healthcare and getting our driving licenses renewed, for a start. Of course, the process for becoming a PR means that I am now an absolute pro when it comes to paperwork!

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Photo 15 Apr Spring snow.

Spring snow.

Photo 13 Apr Best leftovers ever.

Best leftovers ever.

Text 13 Apr Another road bike expedition

And I managed to avoid adding to my injuries! Hurrah.

Text 7 Apr It’s a tough life

Poor Dan was obviously more affected by my crashes yesterday than he realised. I woke up at 2am because I heard noises outside; having done a check around the house, I returned to bed where the following conversation took place:

Dan: Are you ok?

Me: Yes.

Dan: Do you feel in control of your bike?

Me: <long pause> Yes?

Dan: <snoring>

He doesn’t even remember the conversation this morning.

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